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    Notifications for Inspection Results


      We have Purchasing and iSupplier (12.0.6).  Is there an out-of-the-box solution for notifying suppliers and buyers when an item fails inspection? I know the supplier can see the "defects" from iSupplier, but they would have to know to go look for it.   If this is not seeded functionality, does anyone have any creative solutions for automating the notification?  I'm thinking about exploring the business event/subscription concept, but just wasn't sure if I'm missing some setup that would handle this automatically.

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          Hi Jessica,


          Well this part of iSupplier Portal is the Achilles heel. How about defining a email notification using util email for each inspection, irrespective of the result. In my opinion a simple logic to fetch the inspection results entered at time of receiving, for the PO can be sent to supplier for each transaction. The logic would be simple:


          Notify To: Email of the Supplier Contact in the PO Communications


          Util Email Notificaiton content


          PO Number --- Received Date -- Line Number --- Item --- Supplier Item -- Desc -- Qty Accepted -- Qty Rejected -- Line Qty -- Rejection Reason(if any)


          The key tables to pull the info will be




          Sending this notification out for each PO  will also be a good gesture to keep the supplier contact engaged.

          Let me know your thoughts.





          PS: I personally don't prefer an alert, for this requirement a util email notification will be good.

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            Thanks Abhi,

            We will probably end up doing something similar.  It's a shame that iSupplier doesn't have this integrated.