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    Textfield validation in dashboard prompt


      Helo Guys


      Once again I would like to thanks for everyone sharing idea and experiences for this thread.thank you so much.


      I have issue like this:

      for example I have created 2 column as textfield in prompt called Rank From and Rank To and Rank To must be filled <= 100. If User filled Rank To >100 then the system will show Alert or anything as Validation for User and Report is not displaying Data.


      Please anyone to share idea,solution or experiences to solve this issue.thanks a lot.



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          You can use a session condition on your dashboard.


          1) Into your dashboard you must have your report and a "message" in two separate sessions, cause you must define different conditions for them.


          2) On your prompt set a presentation variable for "Rank to" and "Rank from". These variables must be passed to an auxiliary analysis. (create a filter on this analysis that results in one record to true values (based on conditions mentioned above) and no record for other ones


          3) Use a count of rows from your auxiliary analysis to define your session conditions


          4) <RESULTS> When some user type a wrong value the "message" will appear. When some user type a correct value the report will appear.


          Please Mark if help you.


          Felipe Idalgo

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            thank you felipe i will try it first,,once again thanks for sharing your idea.