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    Workflow Document Manager failed with error number 1


      Hi Focks,


      I am facing the below issue in purchasing workflow.


      The Document Manager failed with error number 1.

      Error Number 1 = Document Manager Timed out.
      Try Shutting down and re-starting the Document Manager.

      Error Number 2 = Document Manager Not running.
      Start the Document Manager Concurrent Program.

      The document being processed is Standard Purchase Order HOP150044A010
      Submitted by EIRYK_A_ANJANA

      Please Fix the problem with the Document Manager and run
      the background engine.
      You can either retry manually or it will be automatically retried after
      this notification activity times out.

      We have restarted the workflow services,but still it is resurfaced.

      Our Application is 11.5.10.


      Can you please suggest me on this.

      Thanks In Advance..



      Ajay Reddy.