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    Priority facts / dimension




      I have problem with display my data. I created (for example) a star consisting of two facts and two dimensions. Star look like this:


      F1 / F2 - facts

      D1 / D2 - dimensions




      F1 -> D1 and F1 -> D2

      F2 -> D1 and F2 -> D2


      It's working good, but if i want display in analyze only column from TWO DIMENSIONS i have some problem. For example I get from D1 Unit and from D2 Category and this view doesn't show correct data because when I check SQL who was executed It use F1 to display data. But I want use F2 tu display this data BUT I can't add column from F1 / F2 to analyze. I want use F2 because with this fact I have more data. Why was elected a random fact or whether it is some priority facts that are applied?

      I check this with more facts/dimensions and in this case only one facts it's used.

      Thanks for help or suggestions.