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    New EBS Business Strategic Direction - EBS Cloud Fusion?


      Hi ALL,


      My boss told me that the next direction for EBS after R12.2 is EBS Cloud Fusion?

      Is it true that there will be no EBS R13? but instead of it is EBS Cloud Fusion?

      She ask me to study this product.

      Have you heard of this yet?


      Oracle suggested using PAAS instead of IAAS for installing Oracle EBS in cloud. Please research link below



      PAAS - Platform as a service in cloud.

      IAAS  -  Infrasctructure as a service  in cloud.


      Supposing I want to implement EBS on cloud. And I want to rent resources like CPU, MEMORY, DISK,  O.S.. etc


      What do you call these composite resources which I need to run the EBS instance? Is it Platform or Infrastructure?


      Please help me with my research.


      Thanks a lot,