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    How to add error message in PeopleSoft Sign on page




      When a user's account is locked in PSOPRDEFN and tries to login to PeopleSoft PIA, an error message should display that his/her account is locked. I've searched through the internet on how to do this and discovered that it is pre-existing in the earlierversion of PeopleSoft. According to the sources, I should add a line with error code 109 = <message that the account is locked> in the error.properties file and bounce the web server for it to take effect. I did these steps however the error message that the account is locked still isn't displaying when a locked user tries to login to PeopleSoft. In the URL, the error message being thrown is Error code = 105.


      I'm I missing a step on how to implement this error message? Any help would be greatly appreciated.