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    Based on a value in the first prompt , selected values should be checked in the second prompt


      I have a scenario in which when a user selects a value in the first Prompt , the values in second prompt should constrain AND out of the constrained values, few of the values must be  selected as default value..


      Example: Prompt 1 --> Business Unit  : Business Unit 1,Business Unit 2 , Business Unit 3


                     Prompt 2 : City 1,City 2 City 3,City 4


      if user selects Business Unit 1 then all the cities 1,2,3 and 4 has to be shown (simple constrain)  BUT IN ADDITION to the constrained Values few of the selected values should be checked out (Selected)  say city 2 & city 4.


      IF Business Unit 2 is selected it has to display respective constrained cities but  CITY 1 and City 2 check box has to be selected


      Please  let me know on how to resolve it