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    Welcome to The Hangout!

    Logan Rosenstein-Oracle

      Hi Everyone,


      Over the next several months, I will be making improvements to the structure and layout of the Systems community. I want to make the organization of the community more structured and the navigation more intuitive.


      This space, The Hangout, is just the first addition I wanted to make to the Systems community. It's very important to me that any changes I make in the future involve community feedback, and this space is a great location to house that discussion. Over time, I will make posts, ask questions, and open up to voting many features and concepts that I develop to improve the Systems community. All of that will take place here as a casual conversation. If you wish to make recommendations or leave feedback on the overall community platform, you can always do so in the Oracle Community Ideas space.


      This space will also be the general discussion space for the Systems community and is a great place to ask general questions, post ideas for future articles, interviews, and content.


      Here are a few Dos and Don'ts for The Hangout:


      The DosThe Don'ts
      DO post ideas for articles, podcasts, interviews, etc... you would like to see us make and publish.

      Don't post the article that you wrote and want us to publish to OTN.

      We love community made content, just please use the proper channel for article review. To find out more information on how to publish on OTN, visit the "How To Get Published by Oracle Technology Network" page.

      DO say "HI!" to the community here, if you are new.

      Don't just say "Hi!"

      Tell us about yourself; like:

      1. What brought you to The OTN Systems Hub?
      2. What do you do for a living?
      3. Are you an expert in any field or on any topic?
      DO use the search widget located on the right sidebar.Don't not use the search widget located on the right sidebar. Someone might have had the same idea or have the same question as you. Finding their post and joining the discussion may answer your question and help promote popular ideas!















      Feel free to post directly to the discussion board or post ideas! I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone.


      - Logan Rosenstein, OTN Systems Community Manager

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          Hi, I guess there is something I was wondering about. Why is there a Linux forum in both, the OTN and MOS community? I think both Linux spaces could benefit from each other. Considering the public and free nature of Oracle Linux, I think there should be a public forum only.

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            Logan Rosenstein-Oracle

            MOS and OTN have very different roles and goals.


            MOS Linux is geared towards official, manned, support of issues and bugs while the OTN Linux community is supposed to be community support through discussion of best practices, minor configuration questions, etc. One of the goals of the reorganization plan is to make the community mission lines clearer to understand. Navigating to the correct location is a priority to get the support that is needed. While there will be many crossover topics, and they can absolutely benefit from the experiences that are discussed in both locations, one of the goals is to have true "tech support" sent over to MOS, and keep the general help and regular discussion in OTN.


            Product support verses product discussion is very different. While updates are free and public, MOS level support for the Oracle Linux flavor isn't, likely due to the manpower and overhead required to provide it. The discussion of whether or not MOS Linux should be public is a heavy area and above my paygrade. I will put this on my list of items to bring up with the Linux team to see if I can get some additional clarification to share, but I wouldn't expect there to be any modification to the above plan to merge at this point.

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              I thought that access to Oracle technical support means accessing MOS and fiiling a SR. I pay for my own MOS account, but I hardly use it. I probably looked at the MOS Linux forum once this year, only to see if there was any traffic. There is often not much going on in the OTN Linux forum, however it seems there is not much more happening on MOS either. I thought that naybe putting the two together might help. Unfortunately, I cannot use the same display name for MOS and OTN and therefore did not participate in MOS much.


              I was not sure, but I thougth the MOS forums were open for all MOS users, regardless of the service that is actually paid for, similar to OTN, just MOS users only. I remember the MOS forums, before they were merged into OTN about 2 years ago. It used to be an ugly interface and almost nobody was using it.

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                Logan Rosenstein-Oracle

                I plan to do a revamp of the OTN Linux forums here in the coming months, it's a special project of mine. So, past discussion activity isn't necessarily an indicator of future activity. Hang tight for a bit longer while I keep plugging away on my first draft of the OTN Systems restructuring plan. I am still meeting with all the teams across Linux and setting up regular meetings and content plans in order to build up that community. Big company, lots of people involved. Once I have a better picture of their involvement and what is in the pipeline, I will have more info on the structure of that space which will influence the discussion levels in those areas. After that first draft, Ill bring it out to the community for extra feedback before its implemented. It's going to be a long process, but I truly feel that we can pull together and build that community up greatly.


                MOS isn't managed by me, and  they have their own community plans and procedures. Since it isn't my turf, I can't really speak much more to its balance between paid vs public support. But rest assured that the OTN Linux section should get a big boost once the restructuring starts to take place and I can fully leverage the Linux team for content and community involvement.