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    SESSION ABORTED R12.2 adop unable cleanup

    Mohammed Abdul Muqeet

      Dear Experts,


      I have done the installation of Oracle EBS R12.2 , applied all the technology related patches.

      By mistake before applying the patch i have done adop phase=prepare.


      Unable to clear this


      Current Patching Session ID: 3


      Node Name       Node Type       Phase       Status          Started                        Finished                       Elapsed

      --------------- --------------- ----------- --------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------

      dgprod master          PREPARE     SESSION ABORTED 31-AUG-15 03:26:45 +03:00

                                      APPLY       SESSION ABORTED

                                      CUTOVER     SESSION ABORTED

                                      CLEANUP     SESSION ABORTED





      File System Synchronization Used in this Patching Cycle: None


      For more information, see the full ADOP Status Report.

      Generating full ADOP Status Report at location: /app/d02/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/status_20150831_184307/adzdshowstatus.out

      Please wait...

      1. Done...!


      adop exiting with status = 0 (Success)

      [applprod@dgprod appl]$


      Please advise.



      Mohammed Abdul Muqeet