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    SCP File transfer in Oracle Soa/Osb?



      How to do SCP File Transfer in Oracle SOA.

      I have tried using JCA FTP adapter to connect to Remote server and Configured FTP JNDI (admin console)with --(port:22 and useSftp:true).

      But Failed at Invoke activity-

      JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'Put' failed due to: Invalid Output Directory. Invalid Output Directory. The value specified for the output (Physical/Logical)Directory interaction parameter or jca binding property has an invalid value "/home/iclt".

      When I try to connect through winSCP, with "SCP" as File transfer protocol.

      Im getting Error message as -

      Error in winscp:

      Searchin for host...

      Connecting to host...


      Using username "ictl".

      Authenticating with pre-entered password.


      Starting the session...




      Im getting Error message as -

      Error changing directory to '/home/ictl'.

      Command 'cd "/home/iclt"'

      failed with return code 1 and error message

      -rbash: line 32: cd: restricted.


      When I contacted concerned admin team, they were saying -accounts were "jailed".

      And they were SCPed only.

      Is there a anyway to File transfer using Oracle SOA /BPEL/JCA Adapters?