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    AR R12 customer email address


      Hi All,

      To simplify this question with the hope that someone can reply urgently;

      this is the issue below:


      User A  from Operating unit A sets up a new customer with no email address.

      Another user B from operating unit B sets up another new customer with no email.

      An AR invoice is generated for both customers,

      The AR print request has an email bursting program.

      The AR print concurrent request is run for the above customers and the bursting program sends out an email to  different user C in OU A and another different user  D  in OU B .

      So here the emails are going to the OUs from where the customers set ups originated. even though the customers were not set up with any email addresses. How can this happen.

      This is is not the case with the migrated customers , just for any newly set up customer.

      Where can we look at to resolve the issue.

      Urgently hopping someone can assist.