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    The linkage between Bid Quotation and PO


      Hello, I'm facing 2 problems when dealing Bid Quotation and PO


      The business process is as the followings:


      Create Requisition > use AutoCreate function to create RFQ from Requisition> use Copy Function to create Bid Quotation from RFQ> register Quotation price in ASL > use AutoCreate function to create PO from Requisition


      1. How to retrieve Quotation price information to PO

            if the item is defined with sourcing rule, then there is no issue.

           However, for the item without sourcing rule, currently in PO screen, , I need to click LOV of REV field once and then Quotation price information can be retrieved.

           Is there any possible measure,for the item without sourcing rule,  to automatically retrieve Quotation price information without clicking LOV of REV field?


      2.Promised Date in PO vs. Last Accept Date in Bid Quotation

      In PO's Promised Date field, is there any possible measure to automatically retrieve  the value of ' Last Accept Date' in Bid Quotation?