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    Import Price Catalogs in purchasing 11i


      Hi All,


      I am trying to import quotations for a supplier in 11i.


      I have inserted the data in to the interface tables and was able to create the quotations . But some of the lines got rejected.


      Now how do I know for what interface_header_id what is the po_header_id created. All the columns in the interface table sother than that i have populated are null. Only process code is populated with ACCEPTED OR REJECTED value in headers.

      Lines are not updated with the process code.


      Now how do i know which lines got created and which did not ? I was able to identify some interface_headers for po headers and few lines were rejected as there was some issue with the data.


      I fixed the issue with the data and now i want to created those lines for the headers. Its not creating lines . I tried using action type UPDATE and  ADD. None of them worked.

      how do we add more lines to a quotation  using import price catalogues? is there a diff program or this one doe snot support ?

      POXPDOI.sql 115.5  and POXPIDIB.pls 115.61.11510.23 are the executable file versions we have.


      thank you,