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    Error while generating report files

    V. A. Nagpure

      Hi All,


      I am upgrading EBS 12.1.1 to 12.1.3 on RHEL 5.7 64-bit. Database is

      While applying patch 9239090 I am receiving following error:


      The following Oracle Reports objects did not generate successfully:


      ap      reports/US      APXINLST.rdf

      ap      reports/US      APXINVTC.rdf

      ap      reports/US      APXINDUP.rdf

      ap      reports/US      APXINVPH.rdf

      ap      reports/US      APXINROH.rdf

      fa      reports/US      FAS421.rdf

      fa      reports/US      FAS430.rdf

      fa      reports/US      FAS410.rdf

      fa      reports/US      FAS403.rdf

      fa      reports/US      FAS441.rdf

      fa      reports/US      FAS401.rdf





      It is quite a long list. What is the solution to this?