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    online cloning without adpreclone.pl on apps tier


      as part of apps_tier cloning for R12.1.2

      I have daily apps tier filesystem backup on daily basis,


      Can i use it on target clone server just by transferring it without adpreclone.pl and then restore Database thorugh RMAN and run adcfgclone. on (APPS and DB tier) followe by autocnfig.

      will that clone work on target clone server ?




      cd /r12app/Apps_backup

      mv * old/

      rm -rf old/*

      #mv * old/

      mkdir Appsbkp_$(date +%d%m20%y)

      cd Appsbkp_$(date +%d%m20%y)

      echo "******************************************************************"

      echo "************* copying Appstier files******************************"

      echo "******************************************************************"

      cp -r /u01/PROD/* .


      which basically includes below two tops

      oracle@/u01/PROD>$ls -ltr

      total 0

      drwxr-xr-x   4 oracle     oinstall        96 Aug  4  2015 apps

      drwxr-xr-x   3 oracle     oinstall        96 Aug  4  2015 inst