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    Problem Related to Oracle Apps R12 , Program unable to run from custom schema.


      Hi All,


      This Question is related to Oracle Apps R12. I have developed a custom program in a custom Schema. This custom program uses FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST and all related packages like FND_GLOBAL , FND_PROFILE etc. Now the problem is the code has compiled error "SQL Error ORA-20001: Oracle error -1001: ORA-01001: invalid cursor has been detected in fnd_global.set_nls." . The code for custom program was running fine when compiled and tested from the APPS schema , but it is throwing this error after I migrated this custom code from APPS schema to our custom schema. Furthermore , I am dynamically setting the NLS_LANGUAGE parameter from this custom code.


      Request all experts to help me on this issue and suggest a solution asap.