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    Example Menu with SubMenu SQL Developer Extension

    Simon Greener

      JDeveloper 12.1.3

      Oracle 12cR1

      Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

      Extension samples:

      SQK Developer 4.1.1


      I've had a look at the JDeveloper extension examples, looked at https://java.net/projects/jdev-extensions/pages/Trigger-hooks#Menus, and worked with the Bedent extension PDF but I am struggling to understand how to implement sub-menus below an existing View menu entry.


      Can someone show me how to create the necessary extension.xml elements so that I can create a set of sub-menus below an existing extension menu (GeoRaptor - added to view menu)?

      The menu + sub-menus I want is:


      View>GeoRaptor> Open Map

                               > Load Shapefile

                               > Manage Metadata

                               > About"


      The current code implements command/controller code for a single "GeoRaptor" menu entry. Pointers as to how to implement a single sub-menu entry (say "Open Map" below) is all I want: I can build the rest from that as a template.

      Some indication of how to build the controller etc for "Open Map" would be useful.

      The relevant part of my extension.xml is as follows:

          <trigger-hooks xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/ide/extension">


                  <sqldev-snippet-hook xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/sqldeveloper/sqldev-snippet">

                          <snippet file="/org/GeoRaptor/Snippets.xml" />



                  <actions xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jdeveloper/1013/extension">

                      <action id="org.GeoRaptor">


                              <property name="Name">GeoRaptor</property>

                              <property name="SmallIcon">${OracleIcons.DBDIAGRAM}</property>

                              <property name="LongDescription">GeoRaptor Spatial Extension for SQL Developer: Free and Open Source</property>







                  <controllers xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/ide/extension">

                      <controller class="org.GeoRaptor.ExtensionController">


                              <update-rule rule="always-enabled">

                                  <action id="org.GeoRaptor"/>






                  <menu-hook xmlns="http://jcp.org/jsr/198/extension-manifest">


                          <menubar id="javax.ide.view.MAIN_WINDOW_MENUBAR_ID">

                              <menu id="javax.ide.VIEW_MENU_ID">

                                  <section id="org.GeoRaptor"


                                      <item action-ref="org.GeoRaptor"/>






                          <toolbar id="javax.ide.view.MAIN_WINDOW_TOOLBAR_ID">

                              <section id="javax.ide.tck.toolbar.testsection" after="javax.ide.NEW_SECTION_ID">

                                  <item action-ref="org.GeoRaptor"></item>






                  <context-menu-hook rule="always-enabled">

                      <site idref="navigator, editor, explorer"/>

                      <extension-listener class="org.GeoRaptor.MenuContextListener"/>