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    OAF Pages not accessible after a clone


      Platform/Architecture details.

      Database - - IBM SYstem Z/OS - s390

      Application Tier - 12.1.3 - SLES - SP 11 - SP2 - Linux x86_64

      All of a sudden, during our most recent attempt to clone from a PROD (SSL enabled) to a TEST (non-ssl enabled) instance, I can bring up the instance - all the legacy forms responsibilities are available to access. However, when I try to get into any OAF pages, including the Oracle Application Manager, I get a generic "page cannot be displayed" error - or If I navigate to the XML Publisher Administrator page, I get the message below.

      Error while invoking Main Menu. JBO-30012: A cookie for session O3I3Do8QinxVKD2eVcQ9f11zal and application oracle.apps.fnd.framework.navigate.server.OANavigatePortletAM has already been registered with application pool tebsdb01.mclaneco.comEBST31552oracle.apps.fnd.framework.navigate.server.OANavigatePortletAM.

      The cookie must be removed first.


      I get a page that gives the following information - also in the attachment.

      Context Information ls lost.


      Has anyone experienced this before? I have successfully cloned the same PROD instance to a QUAL instance on Aug 16, 2015 without issue. The only change to the PROD instance is the application of two patches (19941321 & 16723807) - But the most recently cloned instance also has these two patches.

      I have to add, that because I am cloning from an SSL enabled instance, I have to manually remove all 'ssl' related configuration variables in the $CONTEXT_FILE and reset them to a non-ssl environment.

      Can anyone provide some pointers as to what is causing this?