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    Confused about adop patching in R12.2


      Hi ALL,


      ebs r12.2.4




      I am confused about adop patching style.

      For example: I want to apply patch 123456

      Which of the following is best way to do it?



      $ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run

      $ adop phase=prepare

      $ adop phase=apply patches=123456

      $ adop phase=finalize

      $ adop phase=cutover

      $ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run

      $ adop phase=cleanup


      $ adop phase=apply patches=123456 patchtop=/home/applmgr/patchdir hotpatch=yes

      What is the difference of the two?

      Are both steps done with the apps started-up?

      Is step1 considered a hotpatch mode also?

      Thanks a lot,


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