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    AP Payment Audit - PAYMENT_SCHEDULES HOLD taken from Invoice


      Hi Team,


      I m in big problem. Would appreciate if some one can help me.


      One of my invoice which was on Hold (i.e. if you open Payables resp and query your Invocie num > Under Scheduled Payment Tab > Invoice was on hold (Hold checkbox was ticked)


      But that hold was released by someone and I want to know the name of that user.

      I have checked the record history and one username but that person has updated the payment against that invoice that's why his name is appearing.


      Do we have any way to find out who released this Hold Checkbox.


      Please find attached screenshot for the same.


      I have also enbaled the Audit trail but it will records my future actions not the past. If nay one have nay script to check that please share because I have access to my database too.