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    Seeded Audit groups on EBS 11i




      I could see 4 audit groups in EBS 11i with state "Enable requested". I have defined one more group additionally with few tables.

      As a process of enabling the audit , i set the "Audittrail:Activate: Yes" at  site level and then run the "Audit trail update table" program.


      All the 5 groups were enabled after this.There were new objects created based on the tables defined in these 5 groups.


      1. If i want to disable now, can i change the state of all those 4 groups (that existed before i defined one) to "Disable:Prepare for archive" and run the "Audit trail update table" program.

      Because the management does not want any additional triggers/procedures apart from the tables they want to audit(which is defined in my group)