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    Custom Adapter Question

    Dipal Patel
      Hello all,

      I want to write a custom adapter to listen to a socket for xml message. It should grab the message and send an acknowledgement back i.e synchronus. I wanted to know if any body knows where to download the adapter SDK from?

      The adapter is for BPEL

      Any thoughts, suggestions and sample code if anybody has already tried creating custom adapter.
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          I think in such task statment you should simply write Java program that whould listen socket for XML and so on...everything you want...
          ...and than make a service from this Java program (see tutorials and examples with BPEL on making a service from Java).

          Than simply use this web service!

          Because if you would like to make a valuable adapter - you whould make a JCA adapter for BPEL - think a lot if you are really need this, when I can do it much simplier java service or web service and use it!