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    On Off Toggle based on Day prompt. Is it possible?

    Manoj Dixit



      I would like to create on off toggle on a Day prompt which

      1. Accepts only a day value
      2. Does not allow user to type in a value
      3. Is not mandatory
      4. Is restricted to Year value
      5. Is a Choice List and
      6. Is defaulted to yesterday


      There is no issue till now. But, as the prompt is not mandatory, to deselect the default value the user has to scroll up the list of values to de-select the default value. This is little annoying. Is there any way so that we can de-selected the default value similar to an on off toggle or check-box style? I do not want to use the check box as it presents a bit lengthy list of values occupying major portion of the screen.


      Any suggestions? Please.


      Thank you.