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    Error in Custom created forms


      Dear Legends


      Hope you guys are doing fine!!


      I have been learning a form development.I have created a custom form and registered it into Oracle Application


      But the problem i am facing is the menu's which are present in normal form is not working fine and one more thing the text box which are in black color.Should i need to add any other additional files.


      Please find the below screenshot for more information


      Here is the screenshot of Navigator menu with the menu highlighted.


      When i open the form which i have created. The text box turns to black color and and the menu is not coming.



      Thanks & Regards

      Arun Kumar

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          Have you built the form based on TEMPLATE.fmb?

          Have you subclassed all your items?

          Did you compile the form on the server using frmcmp_batch.sh?

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            Dear ORA-01033


            Sorry for the late reply.


            No i didn't create a form using the TEMPLATE.fmb.


            Just created a form using form builder and registered it into the Oracle Application


            Yes i complied the form using FRMCMP command through putty.


            Thanks & Regards

            Arun Kumar

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              Srini Chavali-Oracle

              For EBS, it is a requirement to use the TEMPLATE.fmb as a starting point to build custom forms.


              Overview of Coding Standards

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                Refer this which gives good idea on building custom form http://oracle.anilpassi.com/a-new-custom-form-in-oracle-apps.html

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                  Dear Srini


                  I have created an form using TEMPLATE.fmb and ran it using the Forms Builder. It just shows an empty blackscreen.

                  As in the screenshot




                  Any suggestion on it..


                  Thanks and Regards

                  Arun Kumar

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                    What is the browser you are using?

                    Did you deploy the form on the apps tier as you did with the previous form?




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                      There are a good number of steps you have to go through when using custom.fmb. This is something I wrote a while back that goes through what I'd consider to be the minimal steps (I always prefer to delete the seeded block, window and canvas and create my own).



                      1. Ensure grid settings are correct. Snap to grid, Character spacing.
                      2. Rename form.
                      3. Delete template objects.
                        1. Blocks: BLOCKNAME, DETAILBLOCK.
                        2. Window: BLOCKNAME.
                        3. Canvas: BLOCKNAME.
                      4. Attach any libraries required.
                        1. For GL: (note - some of these should be moved to program units)
                          1. Modify the PRE-FORM trigger to add in gl_standard.event('PRE-FORM') .
                          2. Modify the WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger to add gl_standard.event('WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE').
                          3. Modify the KEY-CLRFRM form trigger to add gl_standard.event('KEY-CLRFRM').
                          4. Default the ledger on the block using the WHEN-CREATE-RECORD trigger.
                      5. Modify WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger to update form info.
                      6. Import any object groups from application standard forms.
                      7. Create program unit for form.
                        1. Add in QUERY_ONLY parameter if necessary.
                      8. Create new window.
                        1. Set Title.
                        2. Modify PRE-FORM trigger and replace BLOCKNAME with name of new window as well as form info.
                        3. Modify APP_CUSTOM program unit and replace '<your first window>' with name of new window.
                      9. Create new block.
                        1. Set previous and next navigation blocks.
                        2. Set Navigation Style according to use.
                        3. Set Key Mode to Non-Updateable if block is based on a view.
                        4. Set Primary Key.
                        5. Set item types and subclass items in block. Pay specific attention to:
                          1. ROW_ID
                          2. CREATION_OR_LAST_UPDATE_DATE
                          3. DISPLAY_ITEM
                          4. TEXT_ITEM_DATE
                        6. Attach LOV's.
                          1. Create Record Groups if necessary.
                          2. Create new items for display fields if necessary.
                          3. Date fields - ENABLE_LIST_LAMP. Add KEY-LISTVAL trigger of day_picker.show.
                        7. Add WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE trigger on Current Record Indicator with Next_Item.
                        8. Add current record indicator for MR blocks & ensure it's the first navigable item.
                        9. Set Number of Buffered Records, Query Array Size to 1 for single record blocks.
                        10. For GL add PRE-QUERY trigger to call gl_access_set.query_security.
                        11. Add table handlers for insert/update/delete/lock.
                      10. Create new canvas.
                      11. Set primary canvas on window object and set First Navigation Data Block on form.
                      12. Use layout wizard to create layout for block, or manually set by setting canvas property on item. Arrange canvas according to requirements.
                      13. Create table handler program unit for each block.
                        1. Add ON-INSERT, ON-UPDATE, ON-DELETE and ON-LOCK triggers to call program units.
                        2. Add PRE-INSERT and PRE-UPDATE triggers to call fnd_standard.set_who and call validation.