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    FDMEE Replace Mode


      When running a replace method on Export, it fails in the error log.  Why does the FIX statement have all these other members.  I would have expected just the year, periods and the scneario??  So the only way to clear the data is to run a clear script in Planning.  Anyone know how to get around this so we can run a Replace in FDMEE all the time?


      2015-09-16 21:51:11,497 DEBUG [AIF]: Replace data calc script:

      FIX ("FY12","Feb","Jun","Sep","Nov","Jul","Aug","Oct","Dec","Jan","Apr","Mar","May","Final","9016","9017","9106","9102","9103","6001","2200")

      CLEARDATA "Longview Actual";




      2015-09-16 21:51:11,519 DEBUG [AIF]: Unlocked rule file: AIF0005

      2015-09-16 21:51:11,519 ERROR [AIF]: Error encountered

      2015-09-16 21:51:11,524 INFO  [AIF]: [HPLService] [loadData:550] END (com.essbase.api.base.EssException: Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1200315): Error parsing formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 0): invalid object type)

      2015-09-16 21:51:11,547 DEBUG [AIF]: AIFUtil.callOdiServlet - END

      2015-09-16 21:51:11,547 FATAL [AIF]: Error in CommData.loadData

      Traceback (most recent call last):

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          There's no Replace option for export to Planning/Essbase. You should use Store Data anyway.


          First, create your clear calc script and include the RUNTIMESUBVARS SET command to specify variables for period/year/scenario.


          Then in FDMEE, add a "Before Data Load" calc script and specify parameters for period/year/scenario. See "Using Calculation Scripts" in the admin guide.

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            Ah, what about PBCS FDMEE?  There's no calc script there?

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              Why are you trying to replace the data. The clean approach is to clear the data first and load using FDMEE. 

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                Francisco Amores



                that error is typically raised from Essbase when the fix has a member which does not exist:


                HPLService] [loadData:550] END (com.essbase.api.base.EssException: Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1200315): Error parsing formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 0): invalid object type)

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                  Ah ok PBCS does have Replace, but you're probably running into the same drill through issue as non-PBCS FDMEE.


                  To answer your question, those other members you see in the FIX statement are automatically generated based on your mapping. I don't particularly agree with this design and we have raised this issue as a bug / enhancement request with Oracle. I've had it work just fine at some clients but when it doesn't, the workaround is to disable drill through in FDMEE and manually create the drill region in EAS; however, you don't have access to EAS with PBCS, so you may be out of luck.