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    AppsTier not connecting to dbTier

    Williams Oluwafemi

      Hi all,


      am doing an upgrade, i upgraded db from to but when do i tried to bring the appsTier up but its not connection:


      $ ./adstrtal.sh

      You are running adstrtal.sh version 120.13.12000000.3

      Enter the APPS username: apps

      Enter the APPS password:

      adstrtal.sh: Database connection could not be established. Either the database is down or the APPS credentials supplied are wrong.

      USAGE:  adstrtal.sh <appsusername/appspassword>

      adstrtal.sh: exiting with status 1

      and am sure apps user is not locked and db listener is up too.

      please help. Thanks.

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          Pravin Takpire

          from appstier do

          tnsping <listener>

          also check sqlnet.ora contents at RDBMS side



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            Chiranjeevi M A



            Paste o/p of the following "    ldd `which sqlplus`    "


            -Chiranjeevi M A

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              Williams Oluwafemi

              Hi, thanks for this reply. here is the outputs:


              from appsTier


              ldd `which sqlplus`

              /d03/oracle/TRAIN/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/bin/sqlplus needs:












              from dbTier:


              $ ldd `which sqlplus`

              ldd: /d03/oracle/TRAIN/db/tech_st/10.2.0/bin/sqlplus: File is an archive.




              not that TRAIN is another instance entirely, The instance am working with is ERPTEST.


              Thank you.

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                Chiranjeevi M A

                Please source ERPTEST environment and try


                -Chiranjeevi M A

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                  Williams Oluwafemi

                  Thank you, here is the output:



                  $ tnsping ERPTEST

                  TNS Ping Utility for IBM/AIX RISC System/6000: Version - Production on 18-SEP-2015 12:37:19

                  Copyright (c) 1997, 2003, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

                  Used parameter files:

                  TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name

                  not seen sqlnet.ora file

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                    Williams Oluwafemi

                    here is from appsTier


                    $ cd /d03/oracle/ERPTEST

                    $ ls

                    apps  inst

                    $ cd apps

                    $ ls

                    apps_st  tech_st

                    $ cd apps_st

                    $ ls

                    appl   comn   patch

                    $ cd appl

                    $ ls

                    APPSERPTEST_drcapperp.env  ibc

                    APPSPROD_ebsapps.env       ibe

                    ERPTEST_drcapperp.env      ibp

                    PROD_ebsapps.env           ibu

                    ad                         ibw

                    admin                      iby

                    ahl                        icx

                    ak                         ieb

                    alr                        iec

                    ame                        iem

                    ams                        ieo

                    amv                        ies

                    amw                        ieu

                    ap                         iex

                    ar                         igc

                    as                         igf

                    asf                        igi

                    asg                        igs

                    asl                        igw

                    asn                        imc

                    aso                        inv

                    asp                        ipa

                    ast                        ipm

                    au                         irc

                    ax                         isc

                    az                         ita

                    ben                        itg

                    bic                        izu

                    bil                        ja

                    bim                        je

                    bis                        jg

                    biv                        jl

                    bix                        jmf

                    bne                        jtf

                    bom                        jtm

                    bsc                        lns

                    cct                        mfg

                    ce                         mrp

                    chv                        msc

                    cln                        msd

                    cn                         mso

                    crp                        msr

                    cs                         mst

                    csc                        mwa

                    csd                        oe

                    cse                        okc

                    csf                        oke

                    csi                        oki

                    csl                        okl

                    csm                        oks

                    csp                        okx

                    csr                        ont

                    cua                        opi

                    cuf                        ota

                    cug                        ozf

                    cui                        pa

                    cup                        pay

                    cus                        per

                    cz                         pft

                    ddd                        pji

                    dna                        pjm

                    dom                        pmi

                    dt                         pn

                    eam                        po

                    ec                         poa

                    ecx                        pom

                    edr                        pon

                    ego                        pos

                    eng                        pqh

                    eni                        pqp

                    fa                         prp

                    fem                        psa

                    ff                         psb

                    fii                        psp

                    flm                        pv

                    fnd                        qa

                    fpa                        qot

                    frm                        qp

                    fte                        qrm

                    ftp                        rg

                    fun                        rlm

                    fv                         sht

                    gcs                        ssp

                    ghr                        vea

                    gl                         wip

                    gma                        wms

                    gmd                        wps

                    gme                        wsh

                    gmf                        wsm

                    gmi                        xdo

                    gml                        xdp

                    gmo                        xla

                    gmp                        xle

                    gms                        xnb

                    gr                         xnp

                    hri                        xtr

                    hxc                        zpb

                    hxt                        zx


                    $ . ERPTEST_drcapperp.env

                    $ cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

                    $ ls

                    adalnctl.sh      adformsctl.sh    adpreclone.pl    java.sh

                    adapcctl.sh      adformsrvctl.sh  adstpall.sh      jtffmctl.sh

                    adautocfg.sh     adoacorectl.sh   adstrtal.sh      mwactl.sh

                    adcmctl.sh       adoafmctl.sh     gsmstart.sh      mwactlwrpr.sh

                    adexecsql.pl     adopmnctl.sh     ieo              sqlnet.log

                    $ echo $TWO_TASK


                    $ ldd `which sqlplus`

                    /d03/oracle/TRAIN/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/bin/sqlplus needs:













                    from db


                    $ export ORACLE_HOME=/d03/oracle/ERPTEST/db/tech_st/10.2.0

                    $ echo $ORACLE_HOME


                    $ pwd


                    $ cd /d03/oracle/ERPTEST/db/tech_st/10.2.0

                    $ ls

                    ERPTEST_ipsprdb1.env          md

                    OPatch                        mesg

                    OraInstaller.jar              mgw

                    PROD_erpdb.env                network

                    admin                         nls

                    appsutil                      oc4j

                    appsutil.zip                  odbc

                    assistants                    olap

                    bali                          opmn

                    bin                           opsm

                    ccr                           oraInst.loc

                    ccr_stage                     oracore

                    cdata                         ord

                    cfgtoollogs                   oui

                    clone                         owm

                    config                        p6880880_111000_AIX64-5L.zip

                    cpu                           perl

                    crs                           plsql

                    css                           precomp

                    ctx                           racg

                    dbs                           rdbms

                    demo                          relnotes

                    diagnostics                   root.sh

                    emdw                          root.sh.old

                    encryption                    root.sh.old.1

                    endorsed                      root.sh.old.2

                    has                           slax

                    hs                            sqlj

                    install                       sqlplus

                    install.platform              srvm

                    inventory                     sysman

                    isearch                       temp

                    javavm                        temp_group.sql

                    jdbc                          tg4ifmx

                    jdk                           tg4ingr

                    jlib                          tg4sybs

                    jpub                          tg4tera

                    jre                           uix

                    ldap                          ultrasearch

                    lib                           wf

                    lib32                         wwg

                    log                           xdk

                    $ . ERPTEST_ipsprdb1.env

                    $ cd appsutil

                    $ cd scripts

                    $ ls

                    ERPTEST_ipsprdb1  PROD_erpdb

                    $ cd ERPTEST_ipsprdb1

                    $ ls

                    adautocfg.sh   addbctl.sh     adexecsql.pl   adpreclone.pl  adstopdb.sql

                    adchknls.pl    addlnctl.sh    adlsnodes.sh   adstats.sql    adstrtdb.sql

                    $ ldd `which sqlplus`

                    ldd: /d03/oracle/ERPTEST/db/tech_st/10.2.0/bin/sqlplus: File is an archive.


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                      Williams Oluwafemi

                      Hi all,

                      issue has been resolved,


                      apparently, the db listener was not up although i checked with ./addlnctl.sh start ERPTEST

                      and it says already running.


                      until i checked with

                      lsnrctl status ERPTEST then i noticed it wasnt up.

                      Started the listener and issue was resolved.

                      Thank you all.