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    Slow Applet startup on 1.8.0_60


      When an HTML document with multiple applets is loaded into an HTML <FRAME> in Internet Explorer 11, the applets load sequentially and VERY slowly (e.g., 15 seconds per applet), starting with Java 1.8.0_60.  I've also seen the problem in IE 10, and Java 1.8.0_66.  The bug appears to me to be a plugin-related regression of some sort, but I'm admittedly guessing.


      This behavior is new with 1.8.0_60.  That is, this is an existing (large, so don't bother to tell me to re-write it unless you're also donating me about 100 free man-years to work with) application that worked fine with 1.8.0_51 and prior releases.  To see a stripped-down example of the unacceptable applet-loading performance, go to http://www.phoenix.tc-ieee.org/020_Embedded_Software/larry/slowappletstartup860/html/index.html


      There's a couple of apparent references to this in the openjdk bug database, in 8134741 and 8134919, but they appear to have been closed as duplicates of each other, with no real resolution on either one.


      Can someone tell me if this is a known, understood (and maybe even fixed?) bug?