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    EBS R12.2 Technical Docs


      Hi ALL,


      Where can I find docs for EBS R12.2 that explains about the product details,  and its strong points?

      Primarily concerning its technical and technology aspects?


      1. Technical aspects - Something related to

          1.1 functional aspects

          1.2 performance aspects

          1.3 design aspects

          1.4 environment interfaces

          1.4 test parameters, etc


      2. Technology aspects - Something related to

          2.1 Compatibility and inter-operability with the current IT infrastructure.

          2.2 Assurance of support for customer's  smooth operations for current and future  business.

          2.3 Assets viability assurance that the EBS is being well taken care of and fully supported by Oracle?

               and it will last long for the customer to be able to trust to invest on it?

               Or something like a statement from Oracle that guarantee the ebs product?


      Thanks a lot,