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    How to activate Second Language in R12.2.4?


      Help with activating Second Language


      I need assistance in regard to activating Arabic language.

      I have installed EBS R12.2.4. During installation, I selected the Arabic language along with English language.

      After installation, using System Administrator responsibility, I activate the Arabic Language using the license Manager Responsibility.


      However I need to know the next step in activating the Arabic language.


      One website listed the next step as follows:

      The Products are now licensed but not ready to be used as none of the Forms/Packages etc would have been compiled and loaded into the Database for these new Products. Use adadmin to generate the files for the new Product/s

      1. a. run adadmin
        b. Select Generate Application Files menu
        c. Select all of the following Menu options:
        • Generate message files
        • Generate forms files
        • Generate report files
        • Generate graphic files
        • Generate product JAR files
        1. d. Back to Main Menu
          e. Select Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu
          f. Select all of the following Menu options:
          • Compile APPS schema
          • Compile menu information
            • Compile flexfields



      However I have no idea how to enter to the ADADMIN utility. Can some please advise on this issue and also review my steps to analyze if am missing any step.

      There is not much posting on this issue on the web. I would highly appreciate everyone's feedback.

      Please note that I have EBS R12 12.2.4 version





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          You can run adadmin the same way you use adpatch (prior to 12.2).


          You need to do the following:


          1. Run Maintain Multilingual Tables from adadmin.
          2. Run Maintain Snapshot Information from adadmin.
          3. Apply The Arabic patches for 12.2.0 and 12.2.4 (merged) by obtaining the Arabic media from edelivery.oracle.com and download patch# 17919161 for the Arabic language from MOS.
            For example: adop phase=apply patches=10124646_AR:u10124646.drv,17919161_AR:u17919161.drv merge=yes workers=16)
          4. Apply the Arabic online help patches 10201000 and 17919162.
          5. Request Translation Synchronization Patch (run perl $AD_TOP/bin/adgennls.pl and then upload the resulting file using this link https://updates.oracle.com/TransSync)
          6. Apply the translation patch that will be provided by Oracle to make sure that you have the latest Arabic patches for your system.