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    Special Value set validation for Date parameters


      Hi All,


      I have 2 date parameters in one of my concurrent program- Start Date and End Date. Need to add validation that End Date should not less than Start Date, I know this can be done by setting Range as low-High but this gives standard message as "Please choose a low value that is lower than the high value" which needs to be changed to "End Date should be greater than Start Date.".


      For this I have created one Special Value set for End Date and added below code in Validation Type



      l_value date := :!value ;

      l_from   date := ':$FLEX$.FND_STANDARD_DATE_REQUIRED';


      IF l_value < l_from THEN

      fnd_message.set_name( 'FND', 'FND_GENERIC_MESSAGE') ;

      fnd_message.set_token( 'MESSAGE', 'End Date should be greater than Start Date.' );

      fnd_message.raise_error ;

      END IF;



      This gives below error when I add any date in this parameter

      "APP-FND-00006: User exit# is not defined

      Please correct the user exit in your form, or create the indicated user exit"


      Can anyone let me know how to solve this issue.