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    How to achieve


      Dear All,


      I have a table in per_absence_attendances_v, I will pass employee Number as a parameter.


      Need employees Latest Leave Details.( if leave records are continues then it has to display as single record only)

      Need to display only Leave From Date, Leave To Date.


      Ex: Emp latest leave details for 7779 is


      Pending off             - 10 Apr 2015  to 20-Apr-2015   - 11 days

      Annual Leave         - 21-Apr-2015 to 30-Apr-2015  -  10 days

      Annual Leave          -1-May-2015 to 20-May-2015 – 20 days



      Then Out Put should come like below


      Leave From : 10-Apr-2015  Leave To Date: 20-May-2015  ( 41 days)