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    OBIEE - getting only the latest value for a financial dimension


      Very new to OBIEE and trying to figure it out


      I'm working on an analysis.


      [ person]   [person]   [project number]  [costing number]  [date]       [forecasted cost]  [current expenditure]


      [entry1]     [entry1]     [entry1]                [entry 1]          [entry1-1]    [entry 1-1]               [entry 1-1]

                                                                                       [entry 1-2]   [entry 1-2]               [entry 1-2]

                                                                                       [entry 1-3]   [entry 1-3]              [entry 1-3]

      [entry 2]    [entry 2]   [entry 2]  etc


      The problem is that every time someone updates the forecasted cost or current expenditure, it adds another entry to both with a new date attached.  Each entry is current at the time of update, no aggregation needs to be done.  But, I want to get only the latest values for cost/expenditure and I don't care about historical data.  How can I filter these columns to only get 1 entry for cost/expenditure per costing number?