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    ssl_mutex.PID file


      DB - IBM - s390/zVM/Linux - SLES - 11 - SP2

      APP - Intel x86_64 = SLES - 11 - SP2


      We have enabled SSL on our APP tier - via a F5 load balancer per note  380489.1


      In my understanding, that because we are terminating SSL at the APP tier, this file is critical in maintaining connectivity to the APP tier - for all connections to the APP.


      This past week, while reclaiming space in the Apache Log directory, I also inadvertently deleted this ssl_mutex.PID file. Ever since that deletion took place, user access was denied for new connections attempting to connect to the APP tier.


      The issue was resolved by bouncing the Apache services on the APP tier after which a new ssl_mutex.PID was created.


      The Apache docs say that /path/to/Apache/logs/ssl_mutex.PID is the correct location of the file.


      However, I am looking to try and change that location - so that the next time I delete Apache log files, this particular file doesn't get deleted.


      BUT....I am also reading that modifying the contents of the httpd.conf and ssl.conf file to change the location of this file is OK - as long as Autoconfig is not run. Once Autoconfig is run, the file values are reset to original values and the ssl.mutex.PID will get put back to the Apache/logs directory.


      Can anyone shed any light on this?