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    Acquiring an Access Token via coding in oracle apex




      I have a requirement of  creating REST API  using Oracle APEX and secure it using OAuth Protocol. I have installed Oracle REST Data Services (formerly APEX Listener) using SQL Developer tool , also created APEX Workspace for the REST API and then  I have created Demo REST API  by following the instructions from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex-listener/documentation/listener-dev-guide-1979546.html#acquiring_an_access_token  in APEX Environment. Everything works great according to document. First created 3rd party User.  As per documentation i  can acquire a token (Using Web browser ), then passing it in the header to get needed data from REST service.


      Consumer acquires an token by going on web browser to https://server:port/apex/resteasy/oauth2/auth?response_type=token&client_id=CLIENT_IDENTIFIER&state=STATE   It will be redirected to https://servert:port/apex/restwasy/sign-on?r=oa  asking for username and password on browser. Once entering them correctly, it will be directed to Redirect URI defined in the OAuth2 client with the token in the URL.


      My question is that is it possible to do token acquiring by coding without going to web browser Using some Oracle Apex API or something.?


      Thanks in advance.