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    September 2015 VTS Sessions Are Now On-Demand!

    Logan Rosenstein-Oracle


      The America's VTS Sessions are now available On-Demand!


           Check out the above link and register to view the OTN VTS sessions on demand! Once registered, you can navigate to the "Operating Systems, Virtualization Technologies, and Hardware" track to view these awesome presentations, in addition to my amazing community update of course...:


      • Best Practices building efficient and secure cloud infrastructure - Learn how to create virtual machines(VMs), deploy VM's using Templates, rapidly migrate those VM's to the Cloud, and deploy Oracle Applications & Databases in minutes on a flexible, secure, Private Cloud Infrastructure. Additionally, experience Oracle's Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle's Enterprise Manager-Cloud Control to automatically provision both Operating Systems and Oracle Databases in a DBaaS model.


      • What's New in Solaris 11.3 - Oracle Solaris 11 is a complete and secure cloud platform. With best of breed technologies for computer, networking and storage, learn how Oracle Solaris can help transform your IT operations to move to the cloud and make it simple to do. In this session we will cover some of the latest innovations engineered in Oracle Solaris 11.3 to manage a secure and integrated, large-scale cloud environment.


      • Optimizing NAS storage for Secure Cloud Infrastructures - The rapid expansion of secure and reliable cloud capabilities is fundamentally changing IT operations.  Over time, an increasing percentage of your data will reside off premise in a public or hybrid cloud. You won’t just need fast and efficient storage to accommodate ever increasing information growth.  You’ll need highly secure storage to assure your critical data is well protected — independent of where it resides. This presentation covers the unique characteristics of Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance and it's cache centric hybrid architecture ideally suited for cloud applications providing fast, efficient and secure data storage for public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, so you can migrate toward the cloud with confidence.


      • Automate your Oracle Solaris 11 and Linux deployments with puppet - Puppet is a popular open source configuration management tool that is used by many organizations to automate the setup and configuration of servers and virtual machines. Solaris 11.2 includes native support for puppet and extends the resources that can be managed to Solaris specific things like zones and ZFS. This presentation will give system administrators that are new to puppet an introduction and a way to get started with automating the configuration of Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris systems, talk about how puppet integrates with version control and other projects and look at the Solaris specific resource types.


      - Logan Rosenstein, OTN Systems Community Manager