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    Patch Application benchmark timings



      I was wondering if there are any benchmarks for how long patch application should take?  Our DBAs require long downtime while trying to apply some patches, and I wonder if there are more efficient ways to apply patches and minimize downtime.  Our DBAs apply patches on 5 nodes individually and give us an total estimate of 5 hrs for 75MB patch (both US and FRC versions together) for all nodes.  Is that reasonable?


      Thanks for any feedback/suggestions.

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          I have patched one system where it would take longer than that, but I know the chip on that system doesnt like to run Java programs fast, so patching takes me longer there.


          When you say 5 nodes, is this Oracle RAC? Check to see if the patch is rolling-installable so that you can have nodes up while patching others.




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            Thank you Brian for the quick response.  We do not use RAC.  By nodes, I meant servers.  We have 1 conc. manager server, 2 forms servers and 2 web servers.

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              Why you don't ask to your DBAs?


              I guess, they are the only ones to know what exactly going to do.

              We don't know about what patch or kind of patching they will apply and the impact.


              Also, you are not taking into account if something goes bad you may require too much time than 5 hours.



              Juan M

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                Ah, so this is EBS. That changes all the rules. Some patches may take many hours; they may have to run tens of thousands of SQL scripts. You can try to tune by launching multiple worker processes. I suspect that Oracle's advice on this is not optimal, they generally say go for max of CPU count * 2. I reckon you can go higher. Sometimes. You can also do a lot of tuning at the database level, such as adjusting your instance parameters and redo configuration for this type of work. EBS is complicated, particularly when it comes to tuning.


                John Watson

                Oracle Certified Master DBA

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                  Juan, I am trying to find out if there are any benchmarks.  The timings are given by our DBA, but, business does not like the timings being given.  Not being a DBA myself, I'm trying to reach out to general community to see if there are suggestions which I can point out to the DBA team.  Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I understand the complexity.

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                    Hi John

                    Thank you for your response.  Yes, it is EBS.  I did not include that in my original question.  Appreciate the feedback and now I understand the complexities.



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                      Srini Chavali-Oracle

                      Pl post OS, database and EBS versions. Have you implemented a shared APPL_TOP ? There is no correlation between the size of the patch and how long it takes to apply. The same pacth will take longer to apply on slower hardware, and will take longer on an EBS instance with multiple tiers that are not using a shared APPL_TOP. Your question is too generic - there are way too many variables. There are ways available to decrease patching times

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                        User519976 wrote:


                        The timings are given by our DBA, but, business does not like the timings being given.


                        That's, not happens in Mexico (:P sarcasm).


                        User519976 wrote:


                        Not being a DBA myself,


                        Then, I don't know how you can help them, but very nice to be worried about them.


                        I advise to you check with consultants specialized in EBS migration, tuning, patching to review the patching process and have another point of view.

                        May the business would be surprise.


                        As JohnWatson2 said, EBS break any Database Administration rules. Be very very very carefully with that.



                        Juan M

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                          The timings are given by our DBA, but, business does not like the timings being given. 


                          Why not watch over your DBA's shoulder as he/she patches one of the servers? Time how long it takes them. When complete, offer the DBA your apologies for not believing them and report back to the business that the DBA should be trusted going forward.


                          To hijack one of the Lorax's quotes..."I speak for the DBAs".



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                            There are few notes discussing the topic of reducing downtime on EBS patches(i am sure your DBA must be knowing it because he is the one most worried when system is down )


                            Patching Best Practices And Reducing Downtime(Doc ID 225165.1)

                            EBS R12 Patching Best Practices & Overview [Video](Doc ID 1207498.1)

                            Using a Staged Applications System (appl_top) to Reduce Patching Downtime in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12(Doc ID 734025.1)


                            I don't think oracle would be able to tell how much time a patch would take as it will vary from site to site depends many other factors like hardware....


                            You have not given any version information yet.  I assume you are on version lower than 12.2 that's why you are worrying about down time.

                            I advise you to consider upgrading your instance to 12.2 where oracle has introduced online patching, this will reduce your down time to a greater extent. patches are applied when system are up and running (yes when users are doing transactions!!!).


                            Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 introduces Online Patching , which greatly reduces the need for such downtime. All Oracle E-Business Suite patches in Release 12.2 are applied using this new model.

                            Online Patching


                            Technical Preview of EBS 12.2 Online Patching (Presentation)



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                              How about you provide us with the patch number and we will have a look at it and see what it does?


                              You can query the ad_task_timing for the patching session to know which tasks ran for long time.


                              select session_id, job_name, product, worker_id, phase_name, start_time, restart_time, end_time,

                                     round(decode(restart_count+defer_count,0,elapsed_time,least(nvl(end_time-restart_time,999), nvl(end_time-start_time,999))) * 24 * 60,3) elapsed_time,

                                     command, restart_count, defer_count, a.arguments

                              from ad_task_timing a

                              where session_id = <session id determined from start and end times of the patching session>

                              order by elapsed_time desc;