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    EBS 12.0.6 occasional blank login page


      A client is having problems with intermittently blank login pages for EBS 12.0.6. They have to refresh the page several times to get the login page, or close Internet Explorer and try again.


      The clients is running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.11 x86_64. The database is

      Also, this environment is virtualised on OVM.

      We are seeing this error in the apache error_log:

      mod_security: Access denied with code 405. Pattern match "!^(GET|HEAD|POST)$" at REQUEST_METHOD. [hostname "client.host"] [uri "/"] [unique_id VgpnhQr-8kIAABpt-vI]

      Yesterday we cleared the middle tier cache as follows:

      Functional Administrator responsibility
      Core Services > Caching Framework > Global Configuration > Clear cache

      However that has not fixed the issue.


      Here are the request methods in the apache security.conf file:

      SecFilterSelective REQUEST_METHOD "!^(GET|HEAD|POST)$"  "deny,log,status:405"
      SecFilterSelective REQUEST_URI "!^/OA_HTML/oowa/aw92/" chain
      SecFilterSelective ARGS_NAMES "!^([-_@|~#!=A-Za-z0-9/ :.$()]){0,255}([-_@|~#!=A-Za-z0-9/ :.$()]){0,255}$"
      SecFilterSelective REQUEST_URI ^/OA_HTML/help chain
      SecFilterSelective REQUEST_URI ['<>";\\\]


      And here are the ports in $CONTEXT_FILE

      $ grep -i -e s_webssl_port -e s_active_webport $CONTEXT_FILE

                      <web_ssl_port oa_var="s_webssl_port" oa_type="PORT" base="4443" step="1" range="-1" label="Web SSL Port">4444</web_ssl_port>

                      <activewebport oa_var="s_active_webport" oa_type="DUP_PORT" base="8000" step="1" range="-1" label="Active Web Port">80</activewebport>


      As you can see the s_web_ssl_port and the s_active_webport don't match, but I don't think this is the problem as the middle tier is not running HTTPS.


      Any advice appreciated,


      Nick .