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    eBS R12 DR question




      We are in the process of implementing DR for our Production eBS R12 environment, Currently our Prod is as below



      OS  : RHEL 5.11

      eBS : 12.1.3

      DB  :


      RMAN Catalog DB

      OS  : RHEL 5.11

      DB  :


      We use the catalog db to backup our PROD database and the catalog db is backed up itself by rman.

      Now, I am following up the document "Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Release 12.1 Using Oracle 11g Release 2 Physical Standby Database (Doc ID 1070033.1)" and understand the concept fully and will be using this as reference.

      But, I have question about the RMAN catalog DB. Apart from the eBS synced to DR server, I am planning to create a standby rman catalog server and will be syncing this from production rman as well.

      Reason, I am thinking is so we have our eBS and RMAN catalog getting synced continously from production and in the event of mishap, I simple bring up both these database on disaster site. That way backup can continue as normal.

      Is this the right approach to have RMAN DR database as well ? or how is your environment configured if you have catalog db along with eBS ?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Its up to your choice.


          In my case we not using any catalog database for the DR Site and configuration I've noticed in many customer sites.  The rman catalog is configured only on primary site.



          X A H E E R

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            Thanks for your reply.


            But consider a situation, e.g your primary site is down and eBS is moved to disaster site and brought up. For some reason, the failback to primary site is not possible due to site unavailability for a week or month.

            Then how do you plan to do backups of this database ?  Option 1) Do a local backup using rman 2) Create a new catalog database for this OR something else ?


            Just wanted to get your input on this.



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              Pravin Takpire

              Is this the right approach to have RMAN DR database as well ? or how is your environment configured if you have catalog db along with eBS ?

              --> there is not such as right or wrong approach. Having DR for RMAN Catalog Database in my view is not required. It is just addition to maintenance and expenses. Instead I would follow below process provided by Oracle in documentation.


              Follow these guidelines when developing an RMAN backup strategy for the recovery catalog database:
                  Run the recovery catalog database in ARCHIVELOG mode so that you can do point-in-time recovery if needed.
                  Set the retention policy to a REDUNDANCY value greater than 1.
                  Back up the database to two separate media (for example, disk and tape).
                  Run BACKUP DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG at regular intervals, to a media manager if available, or just to disk.
                  Do not use another recovery catalog as the repository for the backups.
                  Configure the control file autobackup feature to ON.


              Ref: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/backup.111/b28270/rcmcatdb.htm#CHDEBDJG




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                Pravin Takpire

                check this on how you backup standby database.