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    convert date to MM/YYYY


      Helo guys



      I have an issue how to cast Date type (DD/MM/YYYY) to format like this "MM/YYYY".


      when User chooses Period for example 12/31/2014 from Dashboard Prompt then in Column Heading will be Dec/2015.

      See the following picture:


      It's dashboard prompt

      10-1-2015 11-15-15 AM.png

      and Report will display like following

      10-1-2015 11-15-29 AM-2.png


      Guys would you please to suggest me or giving an advises how to deal this issue. Thanks a million to share to suggestion and advises.I really appreciate it.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Are you using a presentation variable to display the selected date in column header of your table?

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            Gianni Ceresa

            Assuming you are using a presentation variable you can add a format mask to it:



            This will give you your "Dec/2014" on the screen.

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              Dear Gianni,


              Yes, that's working.

              I have the same scenario like this ..

              In the report, I am calculating the Current Month YTD and Previous month YTD and I am using the column heading as presentation variable for current month. And also I need to get the Previous month for Previous month YTD.

              When I select the prompt as Dec-14, the column heading displays current month as Dec-14 and for the Previous month I need to get it as Nov-14.

              How can we achieve this. Is this possible using presentation variable?



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                Gianni Ceresa

                Where does the previous month come from? Is it in a variable?

                I'm almost sure it's not a variable, so can't add it in the column heading for now: problem solved ...


                If you now change the question to makes it "how do I get the previous month in a presentation variable so I can use it in the column heading field", this is a new question not related with the first one. I would suggest to start a new thread for it or this thread will become "how do I make my report piece by piece" and so it will be useless for anybody else but you. As this is a community forum threads are supposed to be helpful for a maximum of people, it's why they are supposed to be single-topic.

                So close this one, flag the required posts to help others looking on how to format a date presentation variable and start a new one focusing only on your new question.