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    Advice on best practices for E-Business DMZ Web Server


      Hi there

      We are about to embark on an E-Business iExpense project

      We currently run E-Bus 12.1.3 / running on RHEL 6

      We have a single DB server

      2 x Conc Nodes

      3 x Web Nodes (using F5 router)


      We want to add two DMZ nodes to faciltate external employees so they can enter expenses directly from mobile devices / external sources.


      Does anyone have detailed experience as to what I need to do to lock down these servers?

      They will be sitting behind an F5 also.

      Things I am looking for advice on are:

      - Server tie down (e.g. port lock down, ssh, telnet etc)

      - APPL TOP tie down (i.e. sqlplus removal, TNS restrictions)

      - Best practices for having the set up as explained


      Any advice / tech notes / would be much appreciated.