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    Cannot run checkMTpatch.sh after applying the patches needed for EBS 12.2.0


      Hi experts,
      I am a EBS beginner, I am installing EBS 12.2.4.
      My OS is Linux SUSE 11
      I follow the instructions on documentation on doc id 1594274.1 section 2 - Section 2: EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (ETCC)
      So, I run:
      - checkDBpatch.sh
      - checkMTpatch.sh
      After the result/output, I installed all the missing patch for both DB and MIddletier (Forms and Reports/Fusion and Weblogic)
      Then I re-run the scripts above to check if no patch was missing.
      For checkDBpatch.sh, I received the output, and all the needed patchs were applied correctly.
      However, when running the checkMTpatch.sh, I got the following error:


      Oracle Forms and Reports

      Now examining product Oracle Forms and Reports


      Error checking inventory. Error code: 19.


      Ensure Oracle Forms and Reports home is registered in oraInventory.


      Could you please advice on what I should check ?