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    Sql Dev extensions - what are valid combos of JDev, Sql Dev and Java

      Does ANYONE know of any valid combinations (specific versions please) of JDeveloper, JDeveloper extension SDK, Sql Developer and Java that allow a JDeveloper extension project to specify a TARGET PLATFORM of Sql Developer?


      The latest downloads I can find do NOT work together on Win7:


      1. Sql Developer

      2. JDeveloper Studio

      3. JDeveloper Extension SDK


      That version of Sql Developer requires Java 8

      That version of JDeveloper requires Java 7


      The JDev FirstSample project will NOT accept that version of Sql Developer as a TARGET PLATFORM.


      The previous problem (from over a year ago - Re: Are there any sample sql dev 4 extensions available yet?) was because Sql Developer used the JDev 12.1.3 platform but that platform was NOT publicly available for other users to use.


      It isn't known whether the Sql Dev team is internally using a newer version of JDeveloper than the one above available to the public.


      I have reposted that question from a year+ ago in this new thread

      Are there any sample Sql dev 4 extensions available yet?


      The Sql developer extensions exchange website (Extensions Exchange) doesn't list ANY extensions for the 4+ framework and doesn't look like it has been updated in many months.