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    Is Win8 (ie11 & firefox 41 + java 8.60) certified to access  EBS R12.2


      Hi All,


      EBS R12.2



      We have existing VIS instance in our server with port 8010.

      Then I cloned another  instance named UAT on the same server with port 8020.


      One of the functional consultant who has Win8 laptop client can access 8010 and able to open java forms.

      But for 8020 she can also access the instance, but he can not open java forms.

      How do I troubleshoot this issue?


      The others were able to access using firefox 41 and Java 8.60.

      But some that use firefox 41 and java 8.60 encountered this form error:




      Please help...

      Thanks a lot,


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