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    ADADMIN Failed in EBS R12.2.4



      While running adadmin EBS R12.2.4 instance we are getting following error. 'XBSI' is our Custom Top.

      AD Administration warning:

      Product Data File


      does not exist for product "xbsi_custoapp".

      This product is registered in the database but the

      above file does not exist in APPL_TOP.  The product

      will be ignored without error.

      Reading database to see what industry is currently installed.

      Reading FND_LANGUAGES to see what is currently installed.

      Currently, the following language is installed:

      Code   Language                                Status

      ----   --------------------------------------- ---------

      US     American English                        Base        

      Your base language will be AMERICAN.

      Setting up module information.

      Reading database for information about the modules.

      Saving module information.

      AD Administration error:

      The following ORACLE error:

      SQL-02112: SELECT..INTO returns too many rows

      occurred while executing the SQL statement:

      SELECT installed_flag

      FROM   fnd_languages

      WHERE  language_id = 0

      You should check the file


      for errors.