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    I need code from Form (POXPOEPO.fmb)


      Hi All,


      In Purchasing, When click on Approve button, then it will open a window.

      In that window Forward from is null now, but when we check the check box of Forward then Forward From field showing one value. So I want to know the code behind that.



      Now when I click the check box Forward,


      So, how Forward From is populated?


      If any one know this kindly let me know.

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          Leo R-Oracle

          "The 'Forward From' field should display the person who is currently approving the document when they have checked the Forward checkbox. When that Forward checkbox is enabled then the user currently approving and forwarding that document will show as displayed in the 'Forward From' field. If the List Of Values (LOV) is enabled in the Approval popup window, the 'Allow Change Forward From' in the Document Types form must be enabled for the document type.


          Check to see if the 'Allow Change Forward From' in the PO Document Types form (navigation Setup>Purchasing>Document Types) for the document type in question is enabled.  If enabled the LOV displays and there will be a different forward name populated in the field."


          Incorrect Forward From Name On Approval Window (POXDOAPP) (Doc ID 1964251.1)


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            I am not able to see 'Allow Change Forward From' form.


            I am able to see Can Change Forward-To form, but it is for Forward To field.