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    Sqldeveloper crash



      on Win 2008 server ( a VmWare guest) Sqldeveloper crashes . In Windows event log I see event 1000 and indication about ntdll.dll.


      or  APPCRASH

      Any idea ?


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          that's windows not being happy when you see a DLL mentioned like that


          for one thing, we patched 4.0, three times.


          You should be at least on 4.0.3 or even better, 4.1.1


          can you get us the full log/stack from the crash?


          I saw online that UAC can cause havoc, so something to investigate for sure

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            Thank you Jeff.

            Where can I get the full log/stack ?


            I'm astonished because it used to work fine before.


            And also I tried with that sends me back :




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              to get the stack, run sqldev out of the bin directory - that will open a cmd window. you might also want to run it in debug mode, open sqldeveloper.conf and change the last line to load debug.conf vs non-debug.conf


              for the 411 problem, does it help if you run the .bat file out of the bin directory?


              as always, make sure it's running the right jdk/java home - check your product.conf file

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                thank you Jeff.

                Here is the stack for

                C:\source_oracle\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin>java -Xmx640M -Xms128M -Xverify:none -Doracle.ide

                ERRIDE_FLAG=true -Dsun.java2d.ddoffscreen=false -Dwindows.shell.font.languages= -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -Dide.AssertTracingDisab

                l.AddinPolicyUtils.OVERRIDE_FLAG=true -Djava.util.logging.config.file=logging.conf -Dsqldev.debug=false -Dide.conf="./sqldeve

                gcwd="." -classpath ../../ide/lib/ide-boot.jar oracle.ide.boot.Launcher

                Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=128M; support was removed in 8.0

                ERROR: You're trying to run the product with the legacy launcher oracle.ide.boot.Launcher . Check your <product>.conf file an

                        AddJavaLibFile  ../../ide/lib/fcpboot.jar

                        SetMainClass    oracle.ide.osgi.boot.OracleIdeLauncher


                And the same for 4.0.0.

                Then I added exactly :

                AddJavaLibFile  ../../ide/lib/fcpboot.jar

                SetMainClass    oracle.ide.osgi.boot.OracleIdeLauncher


                to sqldeveloper.conf. But the same error persiste.

                Thanks and regards.

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                  Gary Graham-Oracle

                  Do not run the bin\sqldeveloper.bat file. Instead use bin\sqldeveloper.exe.


                  For debugging purposes, you may also wish to change your sqldeveloper.conf file to use

                  IncludeConfFile  sqldeveloper-debug.conf

                  rather than sqldeveloper-nondebug.conf and reverse those other changes you made to sqldeveloper.conf

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                    ok, thank you.

                    If I do :

                    IncludeConfFile  sqldeveloper-debug.conf


                    will we have some logs to see what happens when sqldeveloper crashes ? Where would be this logs to investigate ?


                    For 4.1.1

                    I changed SetJavaHome to  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25 in sqldeveloper.config file and no more "Unable to launch virtual machine" message. But it crashes like 4.0.0

                    Thanks and regards.

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                      Gary Graham-Oracle

                      A few things to be aware of when running bin\sqldeveloper.exe

                      1. It opens a CMD console where error messages and stack traces may appear. Such output goes to the console window -- there is no log file.

                      2. This console, however, will close automatically when you exit the product or it crashes.

                      3  Therefore, it is best to open a CMD console in the bin directory and run the exe manually from the console's command line.

                      4. Even when using a console window that does not close automatically, to avoid losing any of the output make sure either to ...

                          a) Redirect the output to a file, or

                          b) Increase the console's screen buffer size property -- height = 5000 or something -- to reduce the chance of messages scrolling past the start of the buffer.

                      Including sqldeveloper-debug.conf may result in additional messages appearing in the console, but not in all cases.


                      Finally, use SetJavaHome to tell SQL Developer which JDK to use. Prior to 4.0, this SetJavaHome line is in the sqldeveloper.conf file in the installation directory.  For 4.0 & up, it is in the product.conf file in your Windows user settings.  For 4.1.1, that will be something like %APPDATA%\sqldeveloper\4.1.0\product.conf.

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                        Thank you.

                        in 4.0.0

                        I add this to sqldevloper.conf :

                        Including sqldeveloper-debug.conf


                        And ran in cmd bin\sqldeveloper.exe :

                        It crashed and in CMD :


                        Java asserts are enabled!



                        LOAD TIME : 9563UsersCache.fillIn() time = 15  ret==null?: false


                        Any idea ?


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                          >>in 4.0.0

                          yes, upgrade. 4.0.0 is old and was patched  multiple times

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                            ok, thanks.

                            Using 4.1.1 by running bin\sqldeveloper.exe in CMD , it crashes also.

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                              Gary Graham-Oracle

                              The primary symptoms are have here are:

                              1. A Win2008 APPCRASH

                              2. No JVM fatal error log, as shown in Troubleshooting System Crashes - Troubleshooting Guide for Java SE 6 with HotSpot VM


                              So, as far as I can tell, this may mean...

                              1. You need to launch SQL Developer via right-click Run as administrator rather than just using Open (UAC issues Jeff mentioned)

                              2. Your Windows registry has problems.


                              If a JVM fatal error log appeared, then it might point to things like a video driver bug.  Without that, this seems like a Windows issue.



                              Apparently, according to your other discussion (load sqldeveloper 4.1.1), the APPCRASH is no longer a problem. Or does it just run a long time before crashing?

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                                thanks again.

                                I run all as administrator (cmd, right-click ....).

                                Yes it runs 10 or 15 minutes and it crashes then.

                                Moreover I deactivated UAC.


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                                  just guessing, but it sounds like a Windows driver issue, although that normally shows in the stack/dump on a crash

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                                    The only information in stack/dump is :

                                    LOAD TIME : 9563UsersCache.fillIn() time = 15  ret==null?: false.

                                    Ok it's Windows driver problem. What is the solution for that ?



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