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    Insufficient privileges to access the user Issue on EBS R12 UMX, Local Admin Set-up


      Hi guys i would like to ask you for help about this. I am trying to set-up some local admins for our ERP.

      To that end, from what i read at oracle documents + this nice tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjrgsXPHUDo



      We are running EBS V12.1.3


      I was supposed to first create an instance set with some SQL "Select Statement" (to be utilized later on step 3 ),  create a role, assign it the user management responsibility + grant it the home menu so it could access the functions.

      Then run the security wizard to determine 3 things:

      1) the roles that the local admin can manage and what he's allowed to do (Administration administration)

      2) specify the Organizations that the local admin has access to (Organizations administration).

      3) specify the users whom are to be managed by the local admin (users administration).

      and that's what i did.





      and here's the role the local admin could manage:


      To test that i did it right (which to the best of my knowledge should've been the case), i gave the admin role to a user + the test sub roles to 3 users, logged with the local admin and here's the query:



      but when i click the edit button i get this error:



      What am I missing? what can i do to solve it? please help.