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    Basic and critical Aps DBA Tasks


      Hi ALL,


      ALL EBS version.



      As an apps dba, I consider the following task as the most basic and most important.

      Can you help check what do I need to add?


      1. Check if daily backup runs are successful and recoverable and readable.

      2. Backup/Clean up/delete old log files ( all type of log files).

      3. Check physical disk space freespace utilization  should be less 80% in all mount points /root  /u01  others

      4. Check logical tablespaces freespace utilization, temp, undo, rbs, FRA.

      5. Check init.ora for ORA- errors

      6. Perform gather schema stats weekly.



      For me the above tasks are the most critical.

      Are there other critical tasks I missed?



      Thanks a lot,