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    Debugger Question


      Hello All,

         I am using SQL Developer(Version to debug my packages. I have added breakpoints in my code but for some reason upon running in Debug mode I cannot seem to see the toolbar at the bottom of the window Debugger log which allows me to step in or step over.

      Any suggestions on how to do this ?




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          what do you see when you start the debugger?


          do you get the 'Run' menu items to activate?


          have you tried resetting your sqldev desktop layout?

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            Hi All,

            Sorry for the late response, I was busy with other projects. When I start the debugger I see the bottom pane where it sows the log but I cannot see buttons to step-in, step-out.

            What do you mean by restting sqldev desktop layout ?




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              window > reset windows to factory



              you should also see debug actions avail on the debug menu

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                I tried factory rest , it does not seem to solve the issue. Also where is the debug menu, how do I go to it ?




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                  it's actually the 'Run' menu, between 'Navigate' and 'Source'

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                    Hi ,

                      I can see the Step in and Step out buttons in the run menu, however they all r disabled.

                    An important point to be considered here, this package I am debugging is a copy of an existing pacakge which I then modified slightly by adding a new function. I have double checked the grants are the same as the original package.

                    The debug seems to work in he original package but not in the newly created package, What could be the reason for this ?




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                      that would have been good to know from the beginning - the debugger isn't initializing for one package but it is for another?

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                        Yes that's correct

                        On Oct 15, 2015 1:14 PM, "community-admin" <

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                          >> see the bottom pane where it shows the log

                          what's printed there?


                          is your package, spec and body, compiled for debug?


                          is it valid?


                          can you execute your new function?


                          if you drop it and re-create it, does that help?

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                              I have tried droppping and recreating , it did not help, looks like the debugger is unable to stop at the breakpoint for some reason.

                            The package body and package successfully compile without any errors.

                            The contents of the Log look like this


                            Connecting to the database xyz_Development.

                            Executing PL/SQL: ALTER SESSION SET PLSQL_DEBUG=TRUE

                            Executing PL/SQL: CALL DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP( xxxxxxx)

                            Debugger accepted connection from database on port xxxxx.

                            Executing PL/SQL: CALL DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.DISCONNECT()

                            Process exited.

                            Disconnecting from the database xyz_Development.

                            Debugger disconnected from database.


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                              >>unable to stop at the breakpoint for some reason

                              it it compiled with DEBUG? you should see a little green dot decorator on the package body node in the tree if it is


                              if it is, did you add your breakpoint on an line of code that's actually executable?


                              In preferences, set this: (you should see the debugger start and stop on line 1, where you can then step line by line from there...)


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                                Thanks Jeff for your excellent help, it worked after I made that change in preferences. One last qustion before I close this thread, Can I step into Java code from within SQL Developer while debugging ?




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                                  One last qustion before I close this thread, Can I step into Java code from within SQL Developer while debugging ?

                                  No - User JDeveloper (or NetBeans, Eclipse, etc) if you are working with Java. JDev has pretty much the same DB functionality as Sql Dev.

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                                    you can step into stored java procedures, but not java outside the database


                                    you can start in eclipse or netbeans in your java app, and step into a stored prc that's called from your app - that's called external or just-in-time debugging. That's pretty cool.

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