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    Unable to Close PO's


      We have few PO's which we are unable to close.We are getting below similar error:



      Error: Line # 3 Schedule # 1 Quantity received 1700 is not fully
      delivered 1000





      When I un-receive a PO line, I
      perform the following steps:



      1. Select Corrections
        under the purchasing module
      2. Enter the PO number
        and the PO line number that I wish to un-receive
      3. Enter the negative
        amount of how much I want to un-receive.  So, for example, if I want to
        unreceive a quantity of 1, I enter -1.
      4. I save my changes.
      5. I go into the
        Purchase Order Summary screen to verify that the amount has been un-received,
        and that the receiving matches what has actually been billed.

      But still the PO's could not be closed due to the error.Please let us know what needs to be done.